Metropolitan Municipality Brings Skate Park with Sea View to Bandırma

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality rearranged the outdated basketball court in the fill area of Bandırma Beach and turned it into Skate Park. In the area, which has been renovated from the tribunes to the environmental lighting, young people enjoy both the view and the fun in the Skate Park with sea view.

Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Yücel Yılmaz is keeping his promise to young people. The Metropolitan Municipality, which established Skate Park in the city center; Avlu Life Center and Atatürk Park upon the request of young people, is now bringing together the young people of Bandırma with Skate Park. The Metropolitan Municipality transformed the old basketball court, which has lost its function on an area of one thousand 300 square meters in Hacıyusuf Neighborhood of Bandırma, into a Skate Park and put it into the service of young people fully equipped. In the Skate Park, which was established on the fill area on the Bandırma Coast, young people enjoy both the view and the fun, and do sports in the fresh air by breathing sea air. In the area where skateboards, rollerblades and bicyclists can easily use; there are Quater acceleration ramps of different sizes, Flybox, Roll-inn. The Metropolitan Municipality, which secured the area with a camera system, also renovated the old benches so that young people can rest comfortably. The Metropolitan Municipality, which also installed a free wifi system, also carried out lighting and landscaping works in the area near the Skate Park.


The young people thanked Mayor Yücel Yılmaz for the creation of a Skate Park in Bandırma and expressed their happiness. The young people, who said that they had previously gone to Balıkesir center or nearby provinces for Skate Park, said that a great deficiency was eliminated for them in Bandırma.