City Council's Fidelity and Farewell Concert for Sıtkı Sahil

Since 1982, an unforgettable night was organized by the City Council's Fidelity to the City Assembly with the support of Balıkesir Music Society and Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality for teacher Sıtkı Sahil, who has made significant contributions to Balıkesir's cultural and artistic life and trained hundreds of choristers and soloists with the choirs he founded, since he left Balıkesir and settled in his hometown Erzurum.

In the concert consisting of the master's compositions, Balıkesir Music Society, under the direction of Conductor Atik Sahil, presented a pleasant concert to the participants. The songwriters of the compositions composed by Sahil all around Türkiye and the students trained by the maestro did not leave the maestro alone on this meaningful night.

Speaking before the concert, Gökmen Karadağ, Chairman of Balıkesir City Council, Fidelity to City Assembly, said: "We are in the bitterness of seeing off our esteemed teacher who has made his mark on our city with his works for more than 40 years, while thanking him for his work for our city so far; we wish him health, peace and happiness in his further life. I would like to express my gratitude to Yücel Yılmaz, the Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, Mürsel Sabancı, the President of the City Council, Nilgün Bulca and Atik Sahil, the esteemed teachers of the Music Society, for their great support in organizing this night."

At the end of the night, Deputy Governor Ömer Faruk Günay, Balıkesir City Council Fidelity to City Assembly President Gökmen Karadağ and businessman Levent Tellioğlu, one of the most important supporters of the Music Society, presented gifts to Maestro Sıtkı Sahil to commemorate the meaning of the day.