Suçıktı Poetry Evenings Started in Historical Square

Organized in cooperation with Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality and Dursunbey Municipality, 24th Suçıktı Poetry Evenings held its first Poetry Assembly in the historical Zağnos Pasha Square. In the poetry evenings attended by master poet Hüseyin Ferhad as the guest of honor, valuable poets performed their works accompanied by music.

The 24th Suçıktı Poetry Evenings program, organized by Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality and Dursunbey Municipality between September 22-24, will be full of poetry and poetic evenings for 3 days. The poetry council gathered among the people in a great atmosphere at the historical Zağnos Pasha Mosque Square; they performed beautiful works of poetry together with the music concert accompanied by the instrumentalists of the Metropolitan Municipality Conservatory.


The master poet Hüseyin Ferhad, who has many awards in his field and some of his poems have been translated into 8 languages, participated in the Suçıktı Poetry Evenings as the guest of honor; Adem Turan, Adnan Özer, Ahmet Edip Başaran, Ali Ayçil, Ali Emre, Ali K. Metin, Celal Fedai, Cenk Gündoğdu, Çiğdem Sezer, Eda Fırat, Ercan Yılmaz, Hasan Hüseyin Çağıran, Hayriye Ünal, Mehmet Tepe, Metin Cengiz, Mustafa Köneçoğlu, Mustafa Muharrem, Mustafa Uçurum, Şadiye Kılıç, Üzeyir Sali and Yusuf Akgül read their most beautiful poems. The program was presented by Gülçin Yurdakul, President of Balıkesir Writers and Poets Association (BAYŞAD) and the citizens in the square showed great interest. 

Karesi District Governor Metin Arslanbaş stated that they shared the honor and happiness of witnessing a time full of culture on a beautiful Balıkesir evening and congratulated all institutions, poets and the Metropolitan Municipality who contributed to the 24th 'Suçıktı Poetry Evenings'.


Stating that they are glad to host valuable poets in Zağnos Paşa Square in the historical city of Balıkesir, Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Yücel Yılmaz said: "We are living a day where our poets share their experiences with our people and our city, tell poetry, read poetry and talk about poetry. I said we will govern Balıkesir like poetry, but not without poets. We are trying to develop and change our city in every aspect and make the people of Balıkesir happy. This square suits poetry very well. We are organizing our 24th Suçıktı Poetry Evenings program for 3 days full of poetry. Poetry city Balıkesir."


Stating that Suçıktı Poetry Evenings is one of the most important brands of Balıkesir, AK Party Balıkesir MP Mustafa Canbey said: "Those who are interested in poetry and literature came here and were impressed by this environment. We are honored to host our esteemed poets in our city."