Metropolitan Municipality is Ready 24/7 for Snow Fighting

In order to ensure that all teams act in coordination in the expected snowfall and to ensure effective work by responding to the incidents in the fastest possible way, the Metropolitan Municipality has made its final evaluations and is on alert. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has 4 thousand tons of salt in its warehouses, has already completed the process of loading salt into its vehicles to be ready in areas where it is needed.

Following the intermittent snowfall warning for Balıkesir, Metropolitan Municipality teams have completed all preparations to eliminate the negative effects of the snowfall. Taking the necessary precautions upon the instruction of Mayor Yücel Yılmaz, Metropolitan Municipality is on alert 24/7 with its qualified staff and powerful vehicle fleet. The Metropolitan Municipality, which is ready to carry out the necessary operations on the main arteries and streets under its responsibility, also provides support in the areas of responsibility of district municipalities in 20 districts under the coordination of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Disaster Coordination Center. The teams of the Department of Transportation, which take the necessary precautions to ensure that public transportation services are not interrupted in case of adversities, and the teams of the Department of Municipal Police, which will carry out controls in various areas of the city, are also prepared for all circumstances.


İsmail Hakkı Özdek, Maintenance and Repair Chief of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department, said, "We already have 4 thousand tons of salt within the scope of winter measures. We have 23 salting and plowing trucks, 45 construction machines, 6 district construction sites, 1 central construction site and all our staff are on alert 24 hours a day. In this context, we act in line with the notifications received from our law enforcement officers, district municipalities, highways, health institutions and BAKOM. Our 24-hour watch continues."


Citizens who do not have a place to stay in difficult winter conditions due to lack of financial conditions can call 444 40 10 to connect to the Department of Health and Social Services and request assistance. The teams of the Department of Environmental Protection and Control, which meets the food needs of stray animals and cares for them in four seasons, will continue to care for our dear friends in difficult winter conditions.