Fırıntaş Bakery Kiosks are at the Service of the Public

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality’s subsidiary Fırıntaş has increased the number of kiosks from 49 to 56 in 2022. Thanks to the Fırıntaş bakery kiosks, the people of Balıkesir benefit more from healthy and untouched breads.

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality’s subsidiary Fırıntaş continues to work for the citizens with its renewed face and understanding and the principle of "Health is in the Yeast". Oktay Akbaba, General Manager of Fırıntaş, explained that they put the Fırıntaş bakery kiosks into service with a modern design approach in line with the constantly renewed service standards of the era; “We have increased the number of kiosks from 49 in 2022 to 56 kiosks, which is our target. By reaching the number of 56 kiosks we targeted, we ensured that more of our citizens benefit from our economical, healthy and untouched breads.


Manager Akbaba repeated that they are working to deliver the quality of service to all people of Balıkesir; “Upon the intense demands of our people, we put our new Fırıntaş bakery kiosks into service in our Gönen, Manyas, Balya and Bandırma districts, which we did not have before. In order to provide easier accessibility for the intense interest of our people, we have increased our number with 3 new kiosks in our Edremit District, Central Kuva-i Milliye Neighborhood and Central Beyoğlu Street, so that we can deliver economical and healthy breads to our people more easily with much easier accessibility. As the Fırıntaş family, we are proud and happy to have started service with a total of 62 kiosks in all our provinces and districts (except the Marmara Island), together with the last 7 kiosks added in January 2023. As in all our works, we care for our job and say; "More Care is Standard at Fırıntaş".